Are we too hung up about fetishes

I am beginning to wonder if we are too hung up about fetishes. Lots of people have fetishes, and many of my gents at Chiswick escorts do share their fetish fantasies with me. A fetish is normally all about a fantasy, and the truth is that most of us don’t act them out. I have always enjoyed fetishes, and I do have a few of my own, but I don’t like making too big of a deal of my fetishes. Yes, I know that I have them and sometimes i let them come out and play.

come and play with the chiswick escorts

Are fetishes dangerous? No, I don’t think that the majority of fetishes are dangerous. I have come across some gents at Chiswick escorts who have got some really weird fetishes, but I have never met a man with dangerous fetishes. That does not mean that there are not any men out there with dangerous fetishes. Of course there are, but I don’t think that we should make too big of a deal of them. Lots of these gents know how to control their fetishes and they never act them out.

My favorite fetish is dressing up to clean the house. I just have this passion for running around cleaning the house in my stockings and suspenders with a nifty little dress. It is not exactly a French Maid fetish but I suppose a lot of people would call it that. I like my little sexy fetish, and I know that many of my gents at Chiswick escorts appreciate her as well. She is not a scary lady, she is just a girl who likes to do house cleaning in some unusual ways. I am sure that once you meet her you would like her as well.

One of my dates at Chiswick escorts has this fantasy about Tarzan. When he was a little boy, he always used to watch all of the Tarzan movies. I know that they are a little bit naff, but sometimes we do watch them together. Afterwards he normally likes to dress up as Tarzan and I have to pretend that I am his little Jane. It is actually quite fun, and it is certainly not doing anybody. I rather like being Jane and she gets looked after really well by sexy Tarzan.

If I ever came across agent at Chiswick escorts who I thought had weird fetishes, I think that I would not indulge them. Most escorts are very broad minded and so am I, but there are certain things that I would not do. You must be able to draw the line somewhere, and I always make sure that my dates at Chiswick escorts are aware of that. Some of the girls are up for anything, but I often make it clear that I am not ready to play any game that my gents like. Then again, I do try to offer them an alternative. Most of them are happy for go for an alternative, and they appreciate that some of their fetishes are a bit weird to me.

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