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I have been beaten so many times at work, and I am very frustrated.  My job is a boxer, I am still very young, and I think I have a lot of potential.  But I can’t help to think sometimes to quit my job and look for another one.  Being a professional boxer during this time is very hard and very risky, but I have no choice.  This is the only job I have, and this is the only job I am good at.  Even though I am happy with this job I have, I do not have a stable income. The people I face in the ring gets tougher and more robust,  that means the higher chance for me to fail in this career.  My girlfriend wants me to quit being a professional boxer and try to have a decent job because you don’t want to see me slowly die in the ring.  I understand what she is saying, but boxing is my passion and losing it is a scary option for me.  I think that it is time for me to make a drastic decision to turn my life around.  I decided to retire from boxing inside another job that is more sustainable in safe.  Having this decision is very devastating for me because I had invested so much time in boxing.  But I cannot do anything about it now, its time for me to move on if I want to have a comfortable life.


When I told my girlfriend about my decision, she was delighted and proud of me.  She thinks that I had made a great decision can benefit her and me in the long run.  I do not disagree with her but it still means I have to find a job quick because I don’t have any money.  I tried very hard to look for a decent job but was unable to. I swear that I did my best, but it was not enough.  My girlfriend got very frustrated with me because I do not have any money to provide food and shelter for her, so she decided to break up with me.  I do not blame her for leaving me; she just did what she thinks is best for her And she has every right to do that.  It sucks for me because now I have to live alone with no money,  no friends,  no girlfriend.  But I am still hopeful about my future; my life does not end if the people I love most leave me to me. This is just a setback that I have to deal with to be successful. One positive thing that I have is Notting Hill escorts from I can now book Notting Hill escorts whenever I want. I love booking Notting Hill escorts because I feel they genuinely care for me.

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