In love with an Ascot Escort

Its been a long time since my last relationship. I have a feeling of being alone again and left. As much as I want to stay in love, and no matter how much I put an effort, it is still not enough. I hated being with someone again; I feel like they keep hurting my feelings and moving on for me is a long process.


I am the kind of man who is serious in every relationship. I don’t take any relationship for granted and always give everything I can in a relationship. I don’t care if people call me a “puppy” or still behind my girl as long as I can see her safe and secured. I think the most painful relationship I have was recent. Because I was about to marry her and she declined my proposal. And not just an embarrassment I get but the fact that she falls out of love.


We are nine years together, and she is the only woman I want to be with me in the future. I have many plans for us, but little did I know she is not happy with me anymore, and don’t know how to tell me the truth. She knows how much I love her so much, and everything I can do to her. The worst is even our mutual friends, and her family knew about her decision, and I was so stupid telling our future together with them. I feel being betrayed by everyone, and thought that they were real to me. If she just say me ahead, it wouldn’t go far on proposing.


Anika is beautiful, I knew she could find another guy whenever she likes. Anika is hard to please, and it was a long courtship for her. She is a brilliant woman and proud of her achievement in life. She is a stewardess, and I surprised her when she finally has her first flight. I am so dedicated to her and give all my life to her. My love for her is everlasting that even a single thought of breaking with up on her fears me. I bought the most expensive ring for her; I knew it suits on her hand. I prepare a surprise for her and invited everyone we knew that are special to us. I do not understand why everyone does not look happy perhaps because they knew it was the day Anika is breaking up with me.


I have a hard time moving on. For how many years I knew an Ascot Escort. Because of her, I believe in love again, and she gave me full happiness. We formed a beautiful love, and now I am In love with an Ascot Escort of

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