London’s Top Sex Advisor

You may be wondering who is the top sex adviser in London, and perhaps in the rest of the world. Little did I know, but mom turned out to be one of the top sex advisers around. When I was young, my mom worked for London escorts. I think that she must have had a great time, because she really got stuck in the entire adult entertainment field. Of course, it was not until I got a bit older, she told me about her London escorts career.It did not worry my that my mom used to work for a London escorts service. As a matter, of fact, I rather liked my mom’s liberated lifestyle even though I did not tell anyone about her former London escorts career. It was just one of those things that my mum and I kept between us.

My mum worried that kids my own age would tease me if they knew she had been a London escort like those sexy ladies on this website. When I sort of became aware of my mums’ interest in what she called adult London, I was more curious than anything. I had long suspected that our family had a tradition of working as London escorts. Even my grandmother kept referring to her gentlemen. It turned out my grandma had once even worked for an elite London escorts service. In my opinion, it was kind of funny, and it did used to make me giggle. Some of the stories which my mum and grandma told me were totally amazing. My mum was not any longer involved with London escorts at all, but yet she kept a large part of her life private. I wondered what she was up to most of the time, but I did know that she was not working for London escorts.

As I left to go to beauty college up in Yorkshire for a year, I could see that my mum was going to be a very busy lady. At first I thought she was going on to work for London escorts in some more senior capacity, but then I realised she had something else in mind.What I had not realised was that my mum had discovered the internet, and set up her own website. She has always been a very clever lady, and I knew that finding new ways to earn money was something that she was always thinking about. When I came fome on my breaks, I found that out that my mom was working as an online sex advisor. She used her former credentials, and without too much efforts, she had been able to become a top sex adviser in London, and was even getting people from abroad getting I touch with her. I must admit that I was really proud of my mum, and finally appreciated that she had left her time with London escorts far behind her. Like they say, if you are looking for sex advice, speak to your mum, she will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know.

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