Quick Orgasms

How do you have a quick orgasm when you just fancy a shag? I don’t always fancy making love to my partner to get to that penetrative stage of making love. Sometimes, it is nice just to enjoy a quickie with your partner, and I know my partner feels the same way. On occasion when I finish my last call for London escorts for the evening, I am so horny I really don’t know what to do with myself. I suppose other London escorts feel the same way.

My partner, who runs a sex show and strip club in London, is the only who has really understood how to satisfy me. It helps that he is totally open minded and does not have an issue with me working for London escorts. His sister, actually works for a rival London escorts, so he is pretty relaxed about it. We have been together for two years now, and during that time, we have learned “ how we both like to take it as he says”. Sex to him is like having a premium cocktail.

Some of my previous boyfriends could not relate to my sudden sexual urges at all. If I am completely honest, I had a really hard to find a man to understand my sexual urges that sort of rushes over me. I just feel that I need a quick orgasm, and my lover does not mind help me out. As a matter of fact, I have told my girls at London escorts, that he is an expert at oral sex. He has this thing about propping me up on his desk, and giving me great oral sex. After that, he just penetrates me, thrusting very deeply as he does so. There are days when I work for London escorts, I can’t think of anything else.

But, when I am on the prowl for a quick orgasm, I know that other positions work for me. Doing it doggie style is another position which brings me to orgasm quickly. My partner ties a belt around me, and rocks against my ass as he fucks me hard. This is perhaps his favorite position as he likes to see my tits ripple, and they certainly do that when we do it doggie style. My orgasm is massive in this position as I get the benefit of his big dick in me, and his balls slapping against my ass. It is the ideal position when I feel I need to be satisfied quickly. When he wants me to come extra quickly, he holds on to my long blond hair and I love it.

Speaking to the cheap escorts, it is clear the girls I work with have their own favorite way of coming quickly. Not all London escorts are into quick sex, but I love it. I have always been open with my lovers and told them how to make me come quickly. You should not be shy about what makes you cum. Sex is all about enjoyment, and how can you enjoy it, if you don’t talk about how you like to do it. Now tell me, how do you reach your own orgasms quickly… don’t let it be a secret.

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