What You Need to Know About Love Vs Lust

Is there a difference between love and lust? You be surprised how many girls leave London escorts every year thinking that they have found love. However, most men who have a thing about dating London escorts and perhaps even making a girl from a London escorts service, their girlfriend, only really lust after them. This is something that I discovered a couple of years ago when I become involved in a relationship with a man I had met at London escorts.

At first, I thought that Brian and I had a really good thing going. Like so many other charlotte action escorts before me, I tricked myself into thinking that this was the real deal and that Brian was in love with me. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. Now I am pretty sure that I am just this glamour girl that Brian happened to have met at his local charlotte action escorts service. What he really feels for me is not love at all. Most people would probably call it lust.

During the first couple of months of our relationship, we spent most of our time in bed. After having worked for London escorts for some time, there were a lot of other things I wanted to do with my time apart from spending it in bed with Brian. I am not saying that Brian is a bad lover or anything like that. What I am saying is that our relationship is not about love, it is about lust and passion. Not a problem but I may as well have stayed on with London escorts to experience that.

Love is a totally different feeling and involves caring for the other person. I really don’t think that I get that when I am with Brian. He will ask me if I am okay and if I need anything, but at no time does it feel like he is really in love with me. I am sure that if I went back to London escorts, he would start dating escorts in London again, and eventually hook up with another escort from a local charlotte action escorts agency.

Do we have a long term future? That is the one thing which I am not sure about. I think that there are some things which are missing out of our relationship, I would not exactly call it a loving relationship. Nor is a totally dysfunctional relationship. My former London escorts dates were always telling me about their relationships, and it is clear that many of them really did have relationship problems. That is something that I feel that Brian and I don’t have. Despite of everything we do go get on with each other okay, but I wish that our relationship was more about love than lust. Maybe that is something which we will experience in the future, but I am not sure about that.

If you want to know about love or lust you should ask charlotte action escorts as they know the difference.

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